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Jedi Temple Archives – Exclusive Interview and images


For the past 2 months or so I’ve been working with Paul Harrison and Chusk Paskovics over at Jedi Temple Archives on an exclusive interview. JTA is a Star Wars collector’s site that features just about anything and everything related to Star Wars collecting with an emphasis on action figures. The interview will go live July first.

Along with the help of Dave Vennemeyer and Hasbro, we’ve put together a great behind the scenes look into almost every 4″ scale Star Wars figure I’ve done. Included in the interview is an exclusive series of renders I put together for most of the figures – the first ever public look at the master digital patterns. I’ll be posting many of those same images here about a week after the interview goes live on JTA.

A big thanks to Paul and Chuck for their enthusiasm and allowing me the opportunity to reach out to the SW figure collecting world!

Link –

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JK Logo: The work of Clyde Duensing


 I wanted to highlight the beautiful job my friend Clyde Duensing did on my logo. My graphic design skills are pretty sad, and after a few days of trying to design something on my own Clyde came to the rescue and offered the logo concept I’ve been using ever since ! I owe Clyde a huge thank you, and offer a link to his great site !

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Personal Projects: Arkham

Here is a project started as an exercise in digital sculpting and realistic CG rendering. I based it on an old Joker figure I sculpted in 1997 while at Kenner Toys  – the Laughing Gas Joker from the Legends of the Dark Knight series.

Arkham Sculpt


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