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Star Wars: YVH1 Hasbro 4″ Figure

Here is the Build a Droid figure YVH-1. Part of the Star Wars Extended Universe, the YVH-1 was designed by Lando Calrissian and eventually used as a bodyguard by the Skywalkers as a personal guard to their son Ben. I couldn’t help but think “I’ll be back” when I first saw the design.




Here are photos of the final production piece, used with kind permission of Paul Harrison and Chuck Paskovics from the Jedi Temple Archives website.


And a few more showing some great poses used with the kind permission of Jayson Krebsbach and featured on the Yakface website


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eFX: Tron Helmet Replica

 Shortly after the release of Tron Legacy in 2010 EFX contracted me to create a screen accurate replica of the helmet worn by Tron in the original film. We decided early in the process to create a piece that matched the detailing and style of the screen used helmet but also represented an idealized version of the design. My personal goal on this was to model a helmet that felt like it was designed by Jean Giraud Moebius himself, rather than a direct copy of the Cooper hockey helmet decorated with black masking tape used during the original filming

Tron Replica Helmet



Here is the first publicly displayed prototype


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eFX: Ralph McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper Helmet

After releasing the Ralph McQuarrie Collection Darth Vader Concept Helmet, EFX and I started working on a follow up Concept Stormtrooper helmet. Based on one of several early concept sketches Ralph created for the Stormtroopers, we completed the digital model and went as far as getting Ralph’s approval.

Ralph McQuarrie Collection Stormtrooper Concept Helmet



 Here are a series of renders showing how the final production piece might look.


And here is the prototype on display at SDCC in 2011. Photos courtesy of the member “Shadow” on



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eFX: Ralph McQuarrie Concept Darth Vader Helmet

“Ralph McQuarrie’s comment that never before had someone reproduced his artwork so faithfully is a true testament to the skill of Jay Kushwara.”

 – Bryan Ono, CEO / President at eFX Inc.

In 2008 I started working on what would be one of the most fulfilling professional experiences of my career. The client was eFX Inc., and the project was the Ralph McQuarrie Collection Darth Vader Concept Helmet. Over the next year I would work closely with the entire eFX team to bring Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept painting to life, creating the most faithful 3D version ever made of one of the most iconic concept paintings in science fiction film history. To say it was an honor would be an understatement! From the age of eleven I had that painting etched in my mind as the definitive vision of the greatest villain the galaxy had ever known.

This is the final digital pattern created for eFX. The helmet is 1:1 scale and measures approximately 15” tall.

 Ralph McQuarrie Collection Darth Vader Concept Helmet


These renders show the facemask and rear neck collar piece without the outer helmet.


This is a three panel sequence from the eFX website “In Development” page. It provides a rare glimpse into the helmet’s development process. Also shown is an eFX newsletter with a photograph of Ralph McQuarrie and eFX’s Bryan Ono taken during the final prototype approval meeting.  


Here is the master pattern as seen on display at the San Diego Comic Con in 2008 


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